LTL Plus

Are you struggling to move your LTL shipments?? As Industry experts have said for months now LTL capacity is at an all-time low with no end in sight! This has inflated carriers’ profitability to an all-time high which has in turn allowed carriers to raise rates and eliminate undesirable freight. What is undesirable freight: Carpet, light bulky commodities, anything over 96” in length, etc.  By refusing to handle these shipments the LTL carriers have essentially created the need for another mode of transportation that many experts now refer to as LTL XL!! This is LTL freight that traditional carriers will no longer handle that is large or excessive length. While a full Truck Load is an option it is expensive since you are paying for a full load while moving only a partial load. Here at CTS Logistics Solutions, we have the solution for your LTL XL shipments. We have put together a comprehensive network of sprinter vans, Straight trucks, and muti-stop truckload that can handle your LTL XL shipments anywhere in the USA! The benefits for you and your customers are reduced handling which reduces damages and claims. Faster transit times so your customer receives a better experience than with traditional LTL. Call us today for a quote or to set up a pricing program!